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Therapeutic Body Work

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Whether seeking relief for a medical condition, searching for a method to help deal with the stresses of daily life, or wanting to maintain good health, more and more are turning to therapeutic body work.  $60 for one hour massage (complimentary Hot Stones with every massage including 30 min.), $75 for 90 min. Massage,  Chair Massage, Myofacial Release, Acupressure, Acupressure Trigger Point, Acupressure Facial Massage using Pink Papaya products, Hand & Foot Massage, Paraffin for Hands & Feet, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage, Swedish Massage, Pre-Natal & Infant Massage!

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Chair Massage is an excellent way to relieve muscle tension in the back, shoulders and neck.   $1 per minute
Spa Parties with Pink Papaya Products are a great way to make an event one to remember! Add spa therapies to your party. Spa menu: $15 Chair Massage, $15 Foot Paraffin, $15 Hand Paraffin, $25 for Hand & Foot Paraffins, Hand & Foot Massage $15.  Free foot soaks, and hand treatments using Pink Papaya spa products.  Parties with family and friends with spa pleasures for the home. 100% pure essential oils, imported french ingredients, natural fruit and flower extracts, signature scents, luxurious, forward edge of skin and body care.  Relax, recharge, renew!  Make-up by Bobbi Brown, and body & bath with botanical extracts fusing science with nature.  Be your own boss and earn 35% commissions. Hostess benefits include inspirational jewelry, massage candles, gift sets, and business kits as low as $99.
Body Wraps rid the body of wastes, toxins, lose inches, increase circulation, and reduce edema.   $60 each or three for $150.00. Have a wrap party in the home with two friends and take advantage of the 3 for $150 special!  Detox, permanent inch loss, safe and effective, healthy, look trim, and toned.  Provides tightening, cellulite reduction with natural products. Company has been around for 27 years. It is holistic and increases circulation with gentle pressure from the wrap, with internal detoxification of body using lymphatic and circulatory systems.  Enriches the skin with aloe, and the skin brushing increases both the circulatory and lymph systems as well.  Measurements can be taken before and after the treatment. This treatment promotes relaxation while you are kept warm and comfortable. You can add an acupressure facial massage for an additional $30, and you will also receive a complementary hand & foot massage.
Also try  M'lis products for nutrition, supplements, weight management, detox  & cleansing. These products promote energy, cleansing, endurance, encourage safe and effect weight loss, increase resistance to stress, and enhances the immune system.  You will notice improved digestive and heart health naturally with no stimulants or laxatives or diuretics. Products available in both liquid or powders for on the go.  Provides regular daily and also deep cleansing with convenient shipping direct to your door.  You will gain greater focus, and increased vitality.  The shakes will support your body in burning fat using the highest quality of amino acids, and probiotics while being low lactose.  They support digestive health with exclusive sourced whey and protein with zero trans fats.  A great follow-up to your body wrap. 

Help rid your household of toxins with products from Melaleuca (

Gift Baskets available to match any need.  Include a gift certificate for massage, and Pink Papaya spa products for any occasion. 
Gift Certificates also available for any of the above services.
Combine services, and receive $5 off each service.
Received Turlock Readers Choice Award 2012 for Best Massage Therapist.
Certified Wellness Consultant and Body Contour Specialist through M'lis


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Sondeno Plaza
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Turlock, CA 95380
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Phone: (209) 402-4884

Hours: By Appointment Only

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Products available by Pink Papaya spa products, Melaleuca & M'lis.
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